Our goal is to provide quality floral creations that are unique and speak to creative design and evolution of SEEDS

Typically, arrangements will be ready for pickup or delivery within 48 hours

  • We have our cooler full of fresh blooms from all over the world including California, South America, Holland, New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

  • We can make something special with floral offerings for any occasion. We have many options for purchase, including gifts and subscriptions.


My name is Jacalyn and I am the owner and founder of SEEDS.

I never thought I would to be a florist, much less dreamed of owning a flower shop. However, I did dream of owning my own business. After growing up here, and moving away for several years, our young family moved back to Pincher Creek. I realized that my boys would all be in school within a couple of years, and I would be bored out of my mind without something of my own to pursue.

I have always loved flowers, but not really the traditional type of flowers. One call to a wholesale flower market and a steep learning curve, SEEDS flower shop was born in 2016.

At SEEDS my goal is to continually strive for better and I can’t wait to work on what my customers dream up next! I love serving this community and those in the surrounding area.


Home décor options that resonate with our style and creativity, that invites our customers to embrace the creativity and personal design of their home and design vision