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Apple & Fig Spread

Apple & Fig Spread

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Rediscover Tradition with Apple & Fig Spread

Indulge in the luxurious blend of flavours with our Apple & Fig Spread, a contemporary twist on a classic pairing. This Fall classic marries the bounty of apples, rich figs, Chardonnay, zesty oranges, fragrant fennel, and aromatic vanilla.

A Dash of History

Fig trees have been cherished for over millennia. These ancient treasures are said to be one of the earliest cultivated fruits, dating back to the very origins of agriculture. Figs held a place of honour in ancient Greece, were revered in Roman mythology, and were cherished as symbols of peace and prosperity.

Taste the Magic

The sweet, refreshing taste of succulent apples blends gracefully with rich figs. Chardonnay and fragrant vanilla add a touch of sophistication, while zesty oranges infuse a burst of citrusy freshness. A hint of aromatic fennel lends a subtle, spiced undertone. The result is a spread that perfectly balances sweet, fruity, and aromatic flavours.

Not Just Another Fig Spread

Our Apple & Fig Spread stands apart from generic fig spreads by seamlessly fusing high-quality ingredients with a unique addition of aromatics. Crafted with care and dedication, it's not just another fig spread; it's a taste experience like no other.

Why You'll Love Our Apple & Fig Spread:

  • A beautiful blend of succulent apples, rich fig, Chardonnay, oranges, fennel, and vanilla
  • Elevates your dishes to gourmet heights
  • Pairs with almost any cheese
  • Use it as a glaze for roasted meats or vegetables
  • Spread it on a grilled cheese sandwich
  • Turn it into a vinaigrette
  • Add it to your favourite ice cream
  • A delightful gift for food enthusiasts and cooking connoisseurs
  • All-natural, no artificial preservatives
  • High-quality and fresh ingredients
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegetarian (Chardonnay contains non-vegan friendly fining agents)

Experience the Past and Present

Today, we bring this historical charm to your table with our Apple & Fig Spread, a modern take on an age-old classic. Order yours today and add a dash of history to your table.


Apples (apples, ascorbic acid, salt, citric acid), cane sugar, fig paste, Chardonnay (contains sulphites), oranges, fennel, and vanilla.


270 ml  |  Refrigerate after opening and enjoy within 90 days.

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