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Luxe B Pampas Grass Inc.

PAMPAS GRASS -UVA 5 feet Stalk Natural Nude - 1 Stem

PAMPAS GRASS -UVA 5 feet Stalk Natural Nude - 1 Stem

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Item details: Dimensions: 5-5.5 feet The colour, size, and shape of each pampas plume may vary. Care: We handle each order with love and care; we carefully pack it in protective sleeves to prevent breakage. However, please be gentle while unpacking. Oversized items: UVA Pampas Grass is our tallest pampas and is excluded from free shipping since the large box is to protect the stems and comes with a high fee. Colour: Natural Type 8 in Natural UVA Pampas have not been touched by any dye and come in their natural form. They can have grey, golden and green natural undertones. please messages us with any questions Follow us to get inspiration: Instagram @luxebpampasgrass Pinterest Luxe B YouTube watch here Any orders under $100 may be charged any appreciable shipping handling fees. To maximize shipping capacity for each carton we suggest at least 12 units of each item, especially on oversized items.
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